How to Prevent Your Point-of-Sale System from Ruining Your Day Part 1

How to Prevent Your Point-of-Sale System from Ruining Your Day Part 1 - BNG Point-of-Sale - Fargo ND

How to Prevent Your Point-of-Sale System from Ruining Your Day Part 1

“Technology must be like oxygen ubiquitous necessary and invisible” (Chris Lehman).

Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) have revolutionized what types of payments your bar, restaurant, or small retailer can process.

Previously using a credit card as a form of payment would be considered impossible for a small business owner.

Now retail giants are not the only companies with access to those forms of payment. Ma and Pop diners and specialty boutiques can stand on equal ground accepting wider variety of payments (though, most do not accept cheese puffs as forms of payments, yet).

Along with its blessings, POS Systems, like any technology, can lead to stress when problems arise.

No POS system will run flawlessly, so to prevent some long IT calls, we present the most common POS System glitches and how to fix them on your own, DIY style!


Problem 1). My Point-of-Sales System isn’t printing properly

Most likely the cables are not connected properly or are malfunctioning. POS systems come with color coded cables, so check to see if the colors are attached to their designated matching hookup.

Another common problem is loose connects. Check to see if the cables are tightly and properly fastened in their proper hookup.

More often than not the cords were pulled loose from constant usage, or tripping or stepping over them.

Simply checking for a tight fit will solve the issue. If printing problems still persist, a more nefarious cause may be to blame, and you’ll have to call your IT Company.


Problem 2). My card reader has difficulty reading some credit cards

If the card scanner is damaged, you may have trouble reading the magnetic strip or chip properly, try sliding the card down and towards you first. Otherwise you will manually have to enter the card’s data into the system.


Problem 3). Why do I have to keep adding pressure when I use my POS Touch Screen?

Overtime your screen will lose its sensitivity, making it difficult to register the correct input.

To easily rectify this, keep your manual nearby, and walk through the directions to calibrate the screen (and you thought that thing was useless).

This should do a trick, and it’ll also save you a phone call with Tech Support.

If the screen is having problems that calibration and restarting it haven’t fixed, you’re looking at an issue you’ll have to contact Tech Support.


Problem 4). My Point-of-Sales System is not processing properly, either slow or showing an error message

Most likely this is a network problem, and the first steps you should take is checking your internet server connection. Resetting the server by unplugging it will typically solve the issue.

Otherwise see if there are other software updates related to your server such as java or script updates. POS Systems are integrated with their network connect, failure of one will ultimately cause a dilemma with the other.

Check your network connection frequently to ensure both are running smoothly.


Problem 5). My POS systems are running slowly or are no longer operating

This could also be related to your network, but sometimes it comes down to POS system updates. Depending on what package and support you have, some providers offer free updates as part of their package, while others do not.

See how we offer an easy, monthly update-support plan.

Being aware what support and updates are included in your package upfront will save you and your employee’s nightmares down the road.

Keeping up on system updates will help keep your POS flowing, along with your business (it’ll also make the staffs lives easier so they don’t have to tell the customer the machine is slow and that’s why they haven’t gotten their bill yet).

Quick tip: If you need to update your POS, do not install update not during high traffic hours.
Some foresight into upcoming updates will save on Tech Support calls as well as headaches.


Problem 6). The receipt paper keeps turning black

Chances are, you are using thermal receipt paper, which will turn black when near hot environments.

How can you tell if it’s thermal or impact paper? (Other than it’s turning black?) Impact requires a ribbon, where thermal paper does not. If you don’t want to completely replace the printer (because it’s costly), then you’ll have to move the printer to a cooler area.

While there are other problems that can arise, these are the most common that could usually be fixed without a long phone call with IT.

It may seem simple (forehead-smacking-simple), but following these tips will prevent avoidable situations; making using your POS system all the sweeter.


Don’t smack your forehead

If you want to stop smacking your head against the wall with your POS system, or would like a free demo, contact us here.