BNG Point-of-Sale’s Core Values

BNG Point-Of-Sale believes in 5 guarding principles that impact everything. From who we hire, how we resolve problems, and most importantly, how we serve our customers.


Integrity is synonymous with respect; we believe that every business opportunity is not worth pursuing if it can’t be done with honesty. When we speak and act with integrity, we’ll never have to fear the results of our work.


Excellence means going above and beyond, not settling, and not accepting the status quo. In business, it’s not just checking the box or going through the motions, but striving for greatness in everything we do.


Ambition is that driving force behind our desire to be great. It’s the determination to never give up and always strive to become better in every facet of our business. We will always work harder to better ourselves, our team, and our business relationships.


Being creative is part of our passion to be exceptional problem solvers. It takes imagination to go beyond the ordinary. It’s creativity that allows us to have vision and foresight, and adjust to our clients’ needs.

Happy & Grateful

Being happy and grateful means having a positive mindset and appreciating what you have. Choosing to be positive, and having a thankful attitude determines how we live and treat others. It’s this mentality that makes our team caring, open, and fun.

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