11 Creative Ways To Use Digital Signage In Your Small Business

Jan 13, 2016 | Weekly Articles

If you’ve read our previous blog about digital signage, you know why we’re fans of digital signage for small businesses. We briefly highlighted some of the ways digital signage can benefit your business.

But did you know, digital signage can increase sales of featured item by 5 to 50%? And they can decrease perceived waiting time by as much as 40%.

So what other ways can digital signage increase your sales and improve your business? We thought we would go into more details about what creative ways to use digital signage for your business.


Entertain your guests

Digital signage is often considered the “silent salesman” that grab a customer’s attention the way nothing else can!

Digital signage can keep attract customers during the long waits they usually have. It’s a great way to keep those customers entertained and happy throughout the wait of busy days.


Promote specials!

Is your business running a special for a holiday?

If so, you can use digital signage to decorate your screens with a slide showing off your special! Whether you’re a retailer promoting college football memorabilia, or a small cafe promoting your Christmas drink; digital signage is a great way to alert your customers to your specials.


Showcase your menu

Do you have a rocking menu?

Wet your customers appetite with alluring pictures of your food. If you’re a restaurant or bar, showcase your restaurant’s special drink or dish! Change it up depending on breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Show weather and news

You don’t just have to talk about yourself as a business, either.

Feature some news about the weather, or promote local events in your community.

This can be helpful to your guests to keep tabs on fun celebrations in your city, and make your business an active promoter of your community.


Date and time

This is a nice simple reminder for your customers. If they’re wanting to keep track of time, or just need to know the date for what their signing for. It can constantly featured on the bottom or side of your screen, seems simple, but leaves a great impact.



Want to advertise your web page?
Showcase them on your screens! Making your guests aware you’re on social media can draw in more business.



Have great photos from events at your store? Or a sweet product?
Show them off! Having photos of smiling customers can create a positive environment for your customers.


Upcoming company events

Are you having a special promotion over the weekend?
Having reminders flash in your store will give some attention. People tend to naturally gaze at screens over paper flyers sitting in a pile. Catching your customers eye can increase traffic for a company event.



Do people have a lot of questions when visiting your store?
Use digital signage to initiate a conversation with your customers. Feature commonly asked questions and answers on your screen’s rotation.


Awards and honors

It’s okay to brag every once in awhile. Showing off your awards will be good promotion for your business. Flash your awards across the screen. It may seem braggy, but it’ll be better advertisement for your company in the long run.


Holiday closings

Planning on closing on Christmas Eve?
Having it flash in your store will help alert your customers know your business’ schedule.


The unlimited possibilities

Don’t underestimate the ability on how digital signage can grow your business. Take advantage of the technology, and talk with us to see what BNG technologies digital signage can do for your business!

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