Become a Jedi Master of Your Point-of-Sale System

Oct 20, 2015 | Weekly Articles

We’re all big nerds at BNG Point-of-Sale, (hence the name technologies). Part of our love of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems stems from our love of technology advances.

POS systems can aid small business through many services, giving their owners a chance to become the star of their own story.

Here’s some take away lessons you can learn from the Star Wars franchise as a small business owner.

Disclaimer: This blog is not claiming ownership of Star Wars, which belongs to George Lucas and Disney respectively. This is for educational and critiquing purposes, please support the original release.

You’re a very small fighter against a crushing empire

The Rebels in A New Hope are a straggling organization compared to the vast Empire. The reveal of the Death Star shows how much of a disadvantage the Rebels have compared to the villains.

Small business owners face the same situation. They pay a lot of taxes and pay higher fees than their larger companies. What’s worse is smaller companies don’t get the same benefits in tax breaks.

Larger corporations often use corrupt methods of tax evasion by having their corporations partially owned overseas, something not possible for small businesses.

When lost in the vast space as a small business owner; what do you do establish yourself?

Use the force

What was Luke Skywalker’s ultimate weapon?

If you said his lightsaber, go sit in the corner.

Luke’s true weapon was the force, he wasn’t limited to a single weapon, but he used his mind and the force to control the situations around him.

The force can represent your company’s payment processing and POS game plan. It’s more than a piece of machinery.

Recognize that your POS system doesn’t have to be just a piece of junk, but it can be used in multiple ways like the force.

Use it for tracking inventory, to split tabs, assign staff, and count the costs of merchandise. It’s more than a glorified card reader.

Understand your equipment can work with you to make you closer to success.

Find your Yoda/Obi-wan

This step ties into finding your weapon, but far more essential in the world of business.

You could manipulate your equipment however you want, just like Darth Vader.

That doesn’t mean any POS will help your business grow. You also need the support of someone wiser to guide you through using it.

Look for a company who will be your support like Obi-wan and Yoda were to Luke. Don’t try to run your business on your own, pick someone who will give you support.

Like Luke and Obi-Wan’s relationship, it didn’t end when he died. Your relationship with your Point-of-Sale company shouldn’t end at the transaction.

Don’t go with the lowest bidder (or you may end up with Jar Jar Binks), find a company that will be invested in your journey. Look to buy your equipment, and then have a company that will give you a support plan.

Don’t become consumed by the Dark Side

Luke was able to avoid falling to the Dark Side because he had his friends to support him.

Small business owners know they never truly get a “day off”, often working 12+ hour days, not leaving time for family and friends.

In the beginning your business will be time consuming, and we aren’t suggesting you drop everything at your business, but learn to balance your work and life.


Be attuned with your allies, your POS support team should be giving you the means to succeed and not just abandoning you after you buy from them.

Make sure your equipment will help you run your business, rather than take over your life.

If your POS company isn’t interested in becoming your ally, look for another company. ““Search your feelings, you know it to be true.” (Darth Vader).

Learn how to properly use the Force

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