How to Become a Happier Restaurant Owner

Sep 4, 2016 | Weekly Articles

Seeking the perfect ingredient to make your restaurant flow better?

It’s a secret to many, but today we want to share what we’ve seen as the most important factor in making a restaurant work.

Technology is important, but behind machines, there are people.

The people you work with will make or break you.

Find team members with the right attitude.

“It’s very important for a restaurant to really do the right hiring because there’s no restaurant that you have one cook and one chef and nobody else in the kitchen. Generally, you have five, ten, 15 people with you. So that’s really important is to train them right, but first, you have to hire the right people” Wolfgang Puck.

Employees are the face of your business. If they are good natured and friendly, you’re going to draw more people back to your restaurant.

Here’s some tips on what to look for when hiring:

  • Someone with integrity.
  • Someone with solid character.
  • Someone who’s responsible.
  • Someone who can remain calm in dicey situations.
  • Someone who cares and enjoys serving others.
  • Someone who’s good with money.
  • Someone who aspires to excellence.

A lot of servers, cooks, and waitstaff should fit these hiring traits. Generally, you need to look for employees who are amazing at keeping things running smoothly.

Fill your team with people who are willing to be invested in the success of your business.

Find vendors who support you.

This goes beyond your staff. Finding vendors and food suppliers who will help support your restaurant is vital as well.

There’s nothing as stress inducing as a having vendors who repeatedly drop the ball.

If you have technical support for your POS system that is impossible to get ahold of, or that doesn’t help you understand your point-of-sale system, you want to find a better vendor.

Figure out the needs of your business and find the right team to help you find a solution that works for you.

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