The Best POS Solutions For North Dakota Businesses

Oct 26, 2020 | Weekly Articles

For business owners in North Dakota, buying a POS system is a smart investment. Not only do they lead to increased sales, but they also keep your staff efficient for continued growth When you work with a POS company familiar with the North Dakota market, your business will see more of a benefit.

Whether you are a restaurant, bar, a brick-and-mortar retail business, or an online business, there are plenty of options for advanced, cutting-edge POS software and hardware solutions for any type of business and budget. North Dakota is a state full of POS providers who are here to help your business succeed.

POS Systems for North Dakota businesses

The right POS system makes all the difference in boosting profit and growth. We offer advanced hardware and software systems, making us a professional and reliable resource in this area? Since we are based in Fargo, North Dakota, we know your market and offer the right POS software for you. With so many systems under one roof, businesses have a variety of solutions they can select.

We specialize in industry-specific POS systems because they provide a wider range of advantages over a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ system. Each offering helps North Dakota businesses maximize financial returns and provide added control.

You can select from hardware solutions from stationary terminals to tablets, phones, table-side ordering, and online payment processing, giving you more power to achieve faster sales and meet customer demand.

Our software POS systems are easy to use, helping you experience their benefits immediately. You can keep a close eye on orders and stock, offer rewards to key customers, and evaluate employees and business departments’ performance to boost returns whether you are in North Dakota, South

Dakota, or beyond. If your business is brick-and-mortar, portable, or online, we have the range of systems you need.

In addition to software and hardware POS systems, BNG Point-Of-Sale focuses on your system’s continued support. We have a strong reputation and enduring relationships with the most reliable providers in the business in and out of North Dakota. As a fellow business here in the state, we want to ensure your business is always supported.

Types Of POS Software Systems

Our expertise in a wide range of today’s advanced POS systems brings all kinds of benefits to any type of business in North Dakota. Here are just some of the benefits to industry-specific businesses.

Restaurant And Bar POS Systems Of North Dakota

If you are a restaurant owner, spend less time tracking inventory, monitoring employee theft, and training new staff. Our hardware and software solutions allow for tablets, phones, and full-size terminals – even online ordering capability. Through our table-side ordering POS system, customers and staff can input orders right at the table, feeding them directly to the kitchen for faster service while minimizing errors. With fewer mistakes and quicker table turnaround, you benefit from faster sales.

You can use our POS systems for:

  • split check capability
  • advanced ordering capability
  • inventory control
  • reservation management

It even works as a resource for instant menu editing to improve customer service and interaction while keeping orders moving.

As an owner or manager, you can use your POS software to fully view profits and performance at any time of the day anywhere you are – even outside of North Dakota. You can spot issues instantly while keeping an eye on the stock to ensure your staff has the resources they need to do their jobs.

The Duet POS System: An Fast and Affordable Option For North Dakota Businesses

To fit restaurant and bar owners’ immediate needs on a budget, we offer our Duet Point of Sale system. This Android-compatible solution provides many of the same benefits of our standard restaurant POS systems with minimal investment.

Duet system

This system allows you to fulfill a wealth of common ordering needs including:

  • flexible discounting
  • table-side ordering
  • secure credit card tabs
  • quick order/edit screen

At the same time, you can keep a close eye on profits and department performance with robust reporting systems and advanced management capabilities.

Retail POS Systems of North Dakota

Whether your business in North Dakota has a brick-and-mortar or an online presence, we provide the systems and resources you need to put you in the driver’s seat quickly. Our popular Vend POS system offers an easy-to-use interface and supplies in-depth information you need to keep your business on track.

The Vend system is easy for any employee or department to learn, cutting down on training time while keeping sales moving with fewer errors.

Whether your business is in a store, at home, or on the road in areas, the Vend software system gives you all you need to stay profitable.

This system works online or offline, allowing you and your sales departments to do a wealth of tasks including:

  • customizing receipts
  • providing refund accepting layaway plans
  • maintaining customer accounts
  • improving customer loyalty through gift cards and loyalty programs

At the same time, you can maintain a close eye on employee performance. And if you are a cash business, our Vend system helps you keep a close eye on all cash movement from floats to register closures for any location inside and outside of North Dakota.

Whether you have one location in the state or a chain, our Vend system is your solution for easy processing and a clear view of all movements and transactions.

BNG Point-Of-Sale of North Dakota: Servicing This State Is What We Do

At BNG, we know your market because we are based here. We believe in supporting our local community with today’s advanced systems to keep our local businesses thriving.

We offer affordable programs so that you can experience the powerful benefits of today’s POS systems immediately. Whether you are changing out your current system or adding one hardware or software solution at a time, we offer flexible buying options to help you start profiting today.

We are the best POS system solution in North Dakota, providing the products and guidance you need for an area we know well. We are proud to be your POS provider in North Dakota. Let us show you what our systems can do for you.


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