How You Can Manage 3 Restaurant Locations Through One Point-of-Sale System

Dec 18, 2016 | Restaurant POS, Uncategorized, Weekly Articles

Being a General Manager is challenging enough, you can amplify that chaos by managing multiple locations.

Trying to split your time between all of your separate businesses can be exhausting. It’s even worse if each venue uses a different point-of-sale system, you can spend several hours of time trying to search through reports.

So how can you simplify monitoring your restaurants and cafes, while also keeping track of what’s happening?

Other restaurants have overcome this challenge.

Biff’s Sports Bar and Grill, Heartbreakers, and Carbone’s Pizzeria are three Twin Cities restaurants and bars owned by the same company. Biff’s, Heartbreakers, and Carbone’s are run by the same General Manager, Gary Gruber.

Prior to their current point-of-sale solution, the staff at all three locations had problems of reconciling multiple point-of-sale systems. Gary spent countless hours trying to manage the individual restaurant reports, while consistently hopping back and forth between the locations trying to track voided items and employees timesheets.

The service from their previous POS provider was also lacking, which was negatively impacting their business. Due to the hassle with their point-of-sale provider, Gary, and his team began considering moving to a Restaurant Manager solution to support their bars and restaurants.

The automatic software updates from BNG Point-of-Sale and Restaurant Manager are included in their service package.

Gary also uses a lot of features to track all of the following through their point-of-sale system. Those features include:

  • Employees nearing overtime for the day or the week
  • Large deletions or voids
  • High spending tables
  • Deletions or voids listed by employee

Gary and his staff hate talking to techy-types that talk over their heads, from BNG they receive patient customer service in a user-friendly way.

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