How You Can Save Time Managing Your Bar or Restaurant

Jun 4, 2017 | Restaurant POS, Weekly Articles

How much is your time worth?

The amount people devalue their time is astounding. I’ve met people who will waste hours to days on trying to save a few hundred dollars. But when you’re time is precious, do you want to waste it?

After a long day at work, do you want to spend a couple of hours trying to find your sales reports in your point-of-sale system? Do you want to come in early trying to track all of your inventory?

Of course not.

There’s an easy way to manage your business, one that will give you time back to reinvest in yourself and your business.

Cut down on managing inventory

Everyone hates wasting time. So simplify how you manage your food and drink inventory with your POS system.

Using your inventory control functions can shave off 2-5% from your food costs. Inventory control consists of a set of features that allow for close monitoring of the raw ingredients used in your restaurant.

With this report, you will be able to closely monitor the difference between estimated and actual consumption your restaurant or bar runs.

Automate inventory reports and ordering

The biggest time saver is your point-of-sale system automatically tracking when you need to reorder food based on your inventory. Ringing up items lets the system tell you when certain ingredients are running low, and saves you time from manually hunting down food and drink quantities.

Once you start creating a new purchase order, all products, having reached their reorder point, can be auto-populated into a document. These forecasts predict volumes while allowing you to make final modifications.

Your point-of-sale system should generate a Consumption Report, which should be able to list the inventory item quantities used for a given period. For this report to provide the most meaningful information, you must first define accurate recipes for all the items in your menu.

Having these reports auto send to your phone or email every day saves you time from coming in early or leaving late. From your desk or smartphone, you can review sales and profits from the previous day, and know what to forecast for your future sales.

Final thoughts

Any system that can automate your day is going to save you time.

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