Cleaning Your Point-of-Sale System 101

Dec 16, 2015 | Restaurant POS, Retail POS, Weekly Articles

Point-of-Sale systems are quite the investment. While they are becoming cheaper and cheaper, the larger computer based models are pricy, making it in your best interest to keep in top condition as long as possible.

Regular cleaning is a vital aspect in keeping it running smoothly.

If you’ve read our previous blogs on common POS problems, you’ll notice keeping your machine dirt free will prevent it from malfunctioning.


Why should I clean it?

While POS computers over iPads are more durable, they all should be cleaned regularly to perform at their best.

Screens can easily lose sensitivity over time, and the monitors can easy have dirt and dust sneak into the crevices.
• Prolongs screen sensitivity
• Keeps computer running
• Prevents oils from ruining the screen
• Makes overall business look better
One of the keys to succeed with your POS is how well you’ll take care of it. Although they are sophisticated devices, they need care.


How often should you clean it?

At least once every day.

We’re not germaphobes (okay some of us are), but swiping your machine down every day will keep it dirt free.

Why do it this often?

It’s amazing how quickly dust can begin to form, and dirt will come in unexpected days, even if you’re not in a high mess business like bars or restaurant. Dirt blows in from doors opening, comes in on peoples shoes.

Alright we’re sounding a bit neurotic.

POS systems can be unbelievable tough, Restaurant Manager can take a beating, having soda or water splashed on them, but just because they can stand up to it, doesn’t mean you should abuse it.

Dirt and dust can easily creep into your system, causing it to act up. It’ll mess up the accuracy, making the sensitivity less and making the touch screen touchy.


So how do you clean it?

• First, make sure you find a POS friendly cleaner. You could use ammonia-free glass cleaner or CRT which is specifically made for touch screens. If you’re looking for some special cleaner made with POS’s in mind, here’s some to check out.
• Second, try wiping the screen done with a dry cloth first, it’ll remove the first layer of dry dirt. To remove sticky substances, spray your cleaner into a freshly cleaned cloth (don’t spray it directly onto the screen). Don’t get the cloth to wet, this will damage the screen.
• Third, wipe the screen down and the printer inside and out.
• Fourth, let the POS dry off before touching it again.

Sometimes, you may just need to wipe down with a dry cloth instead of using a cleaner. Also make sure the POS is turned off, or at least in a mode where the buttons will not be activated when cleaning the screen.


It’s not very glamorous

Cleaning your POS is probably not high on your day-to-day to do list, but it’s something necessary to lengthen the life of your system.


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