What Is Digital Signage And Why Your Small Business Needs It

Dec 9, 2015 | Weekly Articles

Let’s talk about digital signage for a moment.

Television as entertainment has slowly been going the way of the dinosaurs. Markets with online entertainment such as Netflix and Hulu are slowly eliminating the need for cable entertainment.

T.V’s themselves, still offer a great opportunity for businesses to make money.

Digital signage is the new way of advertising for your business, outside of buying airtime on T.V.

So why should you consider it for your business?

They are a significantly cheaper option are far more engaging than buying a billboard. It can even be less expensive than paper flyers to hang around your business.

A few decades ago, merchants would pay a hefty price to be featured on a billboard. As the technology has become flashier, billboards are starting to lose their power.

“With billboards garnering such a negative perception for being “ugly” or “overbearing”…From a consumer standpoint, they are a nuisance, and from a cost standpoint, they are impractical…digital signage could cost roughly $300,000, a number far too great for any medium sized business” (


Billboards are out, digital signage is in

The trend in marketing is to be a silent salesman, rather than flashy in-your-face salesman.

Digital signage can be used for more than increasing revenue. Your customers can watch the screens during long waits, such at a restaurant or grocery store. These can stream ads while entertaining your customers.

You can show whatever networks you want, whether they be advertisements for your products, or entertaining your customers to give them a better experience.


It’s environmentally friendly, and cheaper

Digital signage cuts down on the use of paper from print advertisement, giving your business a sleeker look.

If you like killing trees, digital signage is still a great option, because it’s cheaper than printing flyers to hang around your store.

It’s also easy to update, whatever the occasion. Traditional print, you’d have to design the brochure and then wait for it to come back from the printers.

With digital signage, all you have to do is change the theme into your network, and you can update it on the spot.

Want to make customers of your Christmas special? Trying to raise awareness for Breast Cancer? You can easily update designs on your T.V, rather than designing the theme and sending it onto the printers.


Digital signage is an engaging form of advertising

Stop wasting money on paper marketing that’s declining, and invest in reusable tool. Digital signage is a marketing tool that can:
• Entertain your customers
• Be changed instantly
• Show news and updates
• Feature monthly news
• Ease to use
• Reusable
• You can control your content
• It’s cheap compared to paper
Paper advertising cannot compete with this, digital signage is cheap and affordable.


Want to see what digital signage can do for your business?

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