Does Your Business Network Look Like A Mess?

Apr 8, 2018 | Weekly Articles

No one likes a tangle of network cords in their business. It looks terrible to customers, and your staff struggles to work around all the cables and not mess any of them up.

Not to mention you run the risk of not being able to find the right cord when you need to unplug something to test your network.

This doesn’t have to be the norm, as you can have a professional network and control panel set up for your business. In this piece, we’ll go over what your business network should look like.

Segmenting your networks

Network segmentation is a relatively standard practice for businesses because it boosts your internal network and adds security.

To properly do this, you’ll need to have an internet router to run your internet through that also is protected by a strong firewall.

All of these items have external cords and wires that have to be set up properly to make sure your WIFI and firewall is working to the best of its ability.

When you work with a professional, you can not only set up your network and monitor it to make sure it’s secure, but they can make sure all the cords are correctly labeled and manage it for you.

Organizing your control panels

Organization makes everything easier, and that’s especially true with your control panel. When it’s rush hour for your restaurant or retail shop, you don’t want to open your control panel looking for a specific cord to your POS system and not be able to find it and fix it quickly.

It may seem trivial but in that moment when your business is slammed and your network is acting up, you don’t want to be fumbling through your cords to make your system work.

Having a professional come into your business and set everything up and label cords correctly can go a long way in making sure your business is handling your IT network properly.

If you want to set up your control panels properly and make sure your network is segmented and secure, contact us, and we’ll set it up for you. We also offer support to help you in case your network ever goes down.

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