Finding A Handheld POS System For Your Mobile Business

Apr 22, 2020 | Weekly Articles

Handheld POS Systems Are A Popular Option For Mobile Businesses, Learn More About How They Work

Own a restaurant that requires a mobile point of sale system? With the latest technology available for businesses, now many bars, restaurants, and cafes can use a point of sale system that fits in a pocket with similar features to a full POS system.

With a properly established handheld POS System, it puts up strong competition compared to a traditional point of sale system. Even without full POS hardware, businesses can serve more guests, increase revenue, connect your entire team members in real-time, and deliver a satisfying customer experience with a handheld POS System.

Curious what value they can bring to your mobile business? Keep reading to learn more.

Handheld POS systems save you time

The investment in a good handheld POS System to improve your mobile business is one without regrets. Compared to no point of sale system, mobile point of sale devices can efficiently organize your restaurant or bars tasks. Handheld point of sale systems can improve your restaurant’s table turn time by a significant margin, as well as keep detailed reports on top-selling items. They allow you to take and instantly transmit orders to the kitchen’s device from anywhere in the restaurant – gone forever are the days of hollering for order confirmations!

A handheld POS system makes it easier to process transactions quickly, meaning you can turnover more tables and give customers the freedom to pay their tab with ease. Mobile POS systems make it easy for you to take payments directly from the table, eliminating the need for long lines at the front desk, crowding your entryway, and interfering with seating new guests. Instead, promote customer convenience by taking their payment directly at their dining booth. All that convenience also means no more making awkward trips to the cash register during the peak hours of a busy shift.

Many handheld POS systems (including ours) feature a built-in magnetic stripe and EMV credit card reader to ensure that you can take any form of payment from anywhere in the building.

All these features mean your staff can spend more time with your guests – waiters and waitresses utilizing a handheld POS system took two thousand fewer steps than they might on an ordinary day.

The amount of time handheld POS systems save undoubtedly speaks to the benefits of employing them at your restaurant or bar. Servers get to spend more time with your restaurant’s customers, increasing the chances that they might spend more money at your establishment by providing them with quality service and food every time they dine there.

Handheld POS devices track inventory

In addition to saving you time, handheld point of sale systems can offer your business the ability to witness real-time menu updates. With the touch of a button, find out precisely what items are in stock and what needs to be replenished. Your servers will receive automated order notifications, completely removing the responsibility of that job from those in the kitchen. This creates a win-win-win scenario, where the chefs can concentrate on cooking the food, and the waiters and waitresses can concentrate on serving it to your customers at its freshest.

Restaurants who use this type of tracking software turn an astonishing 15-20% more tables than those that don’t; the reasoning for this comes from the organizational approach a handheld point of sale system embodies. Using a handheld point of sale system allows you to automate the process of notifying waiters, their orders are ready to be served. Your chefs or other kitchen staff can simply push a button, which will send a notification to the waiter’s handheld system that they need to deliver a food item to a specific table.

Using a handheld point of sale system guarantees that your order gets sent to the kitchen, on average, 3-5 minutes faster than it normally would. Customers receive their food 3-5 minutes faster on average; as a result, allowing time in your restaurant’s operating hours to house more customers and make more sales than you previously thought possible.

Communicate directly with your kitchen using the handheld POS system’s seamless Back Of House connection capabilities, eliminating the need to signal a server for the check. Servers no longer have to back and forth preparing said check, come back to the table, and wait for the customer to pay the check. A handheld point of sale system makes the approach to purchasing a one-step process offering unparalleled convenience.

Other benefits of handheld POS devices

Organize your approach to making and serving the best food in your neighborhood with the best point of sale software on the restaurant market. With all-day battery life, expanded mobile business software capabilities, and the ability to propel your restaurant to new heights, you simply can’t go wrong investing in a handheld POS system to improve the mobile business software of your restaurant.

A prominent example of a restaurant that has witnessed great success making the transition to utilizing a handheld point of sale systems is the Odd Duck in Austin, TX. They’ve seen a drastic decrease in the time taken to process a single customer or party of customers, and also have reported an average reduction of 30-45 minutes taken per table served. Such a change can trigger this kind of astonishing drop in ticket times as implementing a handheld point of sale system because an organization can make all the difference, especially in crowded restaurants that happen to be behind with their point of sale technology. The drop in ticket time showcases effectively just how vital the use of a handheld point of sale system might prove to be for your restaurant.

Another area handheld point of sale systems can assist your restaurant or business comes from an unexpected avenue of the industry, but an important one nonetheless – loyalty programs! That’s right, implementing or renovating an existing loyalty program becomes easier than ever with the use of a handheld point of sale system.

With restaurant handheld POS systems, loyalty sign-ups increase tenfold compared to traditional methods of marketing (such as email marketing and advertising campaigning). Implementing a loyalty program allows your restaurant to sustain a loyal customer base by offering consumer benefits for money spent at the establishment. These kinds of programs can increase customer visitation frequency by a factor of 35% – when customers perceive that they’re getting more for less money, they’re more likely to come back to your eatery.

In return for offering benefits or reduced prices on meals, restaurants obtain loyal, sustained customers. Making use of a quality handheld point of sale system to improve your mobile business software can be the first step in witnessing revenue increases unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – invest in a handheld POS system today and regret nothing.

The investment you will make setting up the equipment and materials required for a handheld point of sale system to be integrated into a restaurant’s purchasing capabilities will pay for itself many times over in a comparatively short period. By building deeper customer relationships utilizing loyalty programs (which can increase customer loyalty tenfold, increase customer visitation rates by 35%, and a 45% increase in spending from your consumer throughout their time at your eatery), restaurants have a lot of money to make.

Simply asking a customer to sign up for a loyalty program while they are conveniently seated instead of pestering them about it while there’s a line of other customers behind them can increase receptiveness to the loyalty program as it stands – a truly astonishing fact. Increasing table turnover time by a factor of 15-20% makes the investment into a quality handheld POS system worth it. Looking for a high return on your investment is always a strategic business move, and by implementing a handheld POS system, your ROI will be through the roof. Being able to serve more customers with a higher rate of efficiency means more profit for your restaurant by ensuring returning, satisfied customers.

Setting up a handheld point of sale system

A handheld point of sale system can just as quickly be established through a network of connected mobile software devices. In essence, the versatility of today’s smartphones means that you don’t have to wait to create a handheld POS system.

Multiple companies provide mobile point of sale systems, including BNG Point-Of-Sale. These devices pack a host of useful purchasing features in addition to being incredibly easy to use and convenient to download. From cloud-based reporting, menu management, and a kitchen display system are just a few of the functions you can find – although it is Android-based.

While there are some free software providers, splurging on a robust handheld POS system will ensure your bar or restaurant has the tools you need to set up and run your business for a low, low monthly fee and affordable pricing. Invest in a handheld mobile point of sale system today, and improve your mobile business for good.

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