How To Solve Delegation Problems Inside Your Restaurant Business

Mar 2, 2016 | Restaurant POS, Weekly Articles

We get it, you are a busy restaurant/bar owner, doesn’t want to delegate tasks.

You have to keep track of everything. You’re trying to make sure everything is running smoothly in the kitchen, items are tracked properly, and the overall day-to-day to keep your restaurant from bursting into flames!

You also need to breath, and calm down; the way you’re living isn’t healthy.

If your company is anything like ours, it’s full of workaholics. And trust us, we’ve struggled to overcome our go get-em personalities.

In reality that’s not going to help you run your business better in the long run, and you’re going to burn yourself out.

One of the biggest ways for a company to grow is learning how to spend money wisely, delegate tasks, and invest in things that make your restaurant or bar operate more efficiently.

With delegation you will spend less time micromanaging every aspect of your kitchen.

We get you want to do it all

There’s been a term popularized by comic books, known as “Superman Syndrome” (and no we’re not referring the the genetic term).

If you’ve never heard of this term before, it basically boils down to someone who is a workaholic, someone who thinks they’re invincible, doesn’t have an “off” switch, or feels the responsibility to shoulder everything.

Sound familiar?

If you’re trying to run every single item in your restaurant by yourself, you may suffer from Superman Syndrome.

For your own sanity, it’s best to learn to let some things go, and start delegating tasks to your other employees.

You can’t be everywhere at once, not even Superman can

Superman could not solve every problem in every part of the world. Just like you can’t be at every part of your restaurant, or bar, at every moment of the day.

Trusting another person to help run your business can be nerve wracking, especially if you have a “I can do everything personality.”

You may be able to do everything, but you might not be able to do everything well.

Why bring this up?

Well, before this becomes a complete nerd-fest, the main point is that even though Superman is a great hero, he can’t do it all by himself. Superman needed a team that he could trust.

How do you form a team?

In the beginning, your team may or may not have members that are deemed superhero’s.

That’s where you need to stop and take a look at your own business. Because in order to properly delegate tasks, you ultimately need a team you can lean on and trust.

You need to look for and consider hiring great team members and employees that are star performers. Here’s a short list of qualities to look for when hiring a team:

  • Someone with integrity.
  • Someone with solid character.
  • Someone who’s responsible.
  • Someone who can remain calm during dicey situations.
  • Someone who cares and enjoys serving others.
  • Someone who’s good with money.
  • Someone who aspires to excellence.

A lot of servers, cooks, and wait-staff should fit these hiring traits. Generally, you need to look for employees who just seem amazing at keeping things running smoothly.

Find the people you trust, and give them more responsibility. Focus on their talents, and put them in a position to win.

Also, rely on some technology

Yes, we keep recommending POS systems. And there’s a reason for that: it’s because they make your job and life easier.

Easier like tracking features and reports to help you keep an eye on your restaurant, along with alerts to notify you of theft or shrinkage. A great point-of-sale system will be the crowning jewel when building your team.

It’s time to take on the world?

Talk to our experts, and see what our technologie services can do to help your restaurant or bar.

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