Introducing the Revel POS

Jul 31, 2015 | Retail POS, Weekly Articles

BNG is now offering Revel iPad POS systems!

(And we’re really excited about it)

What is the Revel iPad POS?

Imagine a POS for your business that is entirely customizable. One that gives you all the great features of a robust POS system delivered in the simply-designed and easy-to-use form of an iPad. As it turns out, you don’t need to imagine it. The Revel iPad POS is exactly that.

The Revel POS is unique in that it has the ability to fit into a variety of specialized business types and scenarios seamlessly. A POS as versatile as this doesn’t come around every day…or ever, for that matter. If you want to learn about some of the specifics, we’ll go over some of the Revel iPad’s key features and capabilities.

Why Revel iPad POS?

There are plenty of POS systems out there, so why did we choose the Revel iPad POS? We chose Revel because we think it has the most to offer YOU. Revel offers compatibilities that no other iPad POS systems can, including barcode scanners, scales, and much, much more. With one of a kind integration capabilities, an open API, and many incredibly useful applications to choose from, this POS can do it all.

Built for your needs

Utilize the Revel iPad API that allows you to customize as much or as little as you want. Within the back-end side of the POS system, you’ll be able to add or remove features as you see fit. This is a fantastic feature because we’ve all dealt with interfaces before that have a multitude of great features, but are overcrowded and disorganized as a result. This way, you’ll be able to choose what you want from all those great features, and remove the extra clutter that you won’t be needing. You have the power to set you Revel iPad up to fit YOUR needs, nothing more and nothing less.

Industry-specific features to choose from is another major advantage the Revel POS has over competitors. Scoreboard integration, barcode reading, shipping compliance, and cinema distribution compliance are all examples of features that are perfect for specific business types that are all included on the Revel iPad. This is just a start to the list of useful features available to Revel iPad POS users.

All-In-One Solution

The great thing about the Revel iPad POS is that it does everything you need it to all from an iPad. One the the biggest chores for many businesses is inventory. It is something that most operations rely heavily upon, and can’t afford to not have a reliable system in place. Not only does inventory get easier with Revel, it will lower costs in many cases as well. By helping you calculate the amount of waste loss, Revel’s Matrix Inventory will help you to determine when and how much you should be ordering. Real time inventory tracking and automatic alerts also ensure you won’t get caught off guard without the products and supplies your business relies on. Although inventory management is an important tool the Revel iPad offers, it is just one of many. Another tool that many businesses will find to be crucial is Quickbooks integration and insight reports. Once you set up with Quickbooks integration, automatic syncing will keep you up to date on valuable insight into your business’ finances.

Putting Security First

We all know the importance of security when it comes to POS systems, now more than ever. Which is why you should be reassured to hear that Revel’s POS systems operate at the highest level of credit card security on the POS market. With no instances of credit card fraud or hacking to date, Revel has the track record to prove it’s dedication to providing secure POS systems. Beyond just keeping your data and the data of your clients safe, the Revel iPad POS also offers DTT security integration. You have the ability to view surveillance footage alongside what is being performed on your iPad POS. This feature is extremely beneficial to certain industries, as it is very effective in cutting down on theft and loss.


The Revel iPad has everything a Retail business needs in a POS. Managing gift cards, loyalty programs, employee scheduling, and so much more can all be done quickly and easily from your Revel iPad POS. Learn more about the Revel iPad’s features…


The Revel iPad was designed to make scheduling easy for salons, spas, and other businesses that take appointments. With an intelligent calendar, appointments can be created and kept organized along with employee schedules and other events. Learn more about about the Revel iPad’s features…


Revel is the perfect solution for events, as it is made to handle high-volume and fast-paced settings. Mobile ordering options add even further convenience and speed to the process. Learn more about the Revel iPad’s features…


Revel iPad POS systems are made to function perfectly in kiosks. Revel users get the best of both worlds with all of the capabilities and features of a robust traditional POS system, and the mobility and ease-of-use of an iPad. Learn more about the Revel iPad’s features…

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