iPad Point Of Sale Systems, Are They The Future?

Dec 2, 2015 | Weekly Articles

The rate of Point-of-Sale technology has upgraded over the last 100 years is staggering. We’ve seen traditional cash registers, which dominated merchants way of taking payments with clunky and noisy presence, to the clunky but efficient computer based models.

They’ve all changed to a newer, sleeker models, as the iPad begins to dominate the market as they new wave of POS systems.


Why are they so popular?

iPad’s have been popular for their sleek look, among small and large merchants. They tend to take up less space, and are usually cheaper than their clunky $20,000 siblings.

In truth, most of our sales are for sleek Pay Anywhere models, and Revel has become a popular POS amongst our customers.

It marks the desire for sleek technology, in the same way flat screen tvs have replaced their boxy counterparts.


Are they as good as traditional POS?

In many ways, yes.

Many iPad’s can run multiple POS apps, and tablet devices tend to run higher volume transactions over phone, which work for small volume merchants.

iPad’s also have come a long way in the types of jobs they can do. Recently, Revel, introduced an iPad to the world that is a POS system, rather than just an iPad with POS apps. It also became the first product on the market to have the ability to run off an ethernet cord.

One of the biggest complaints of iPad POS was their inability to run off of an ethernet cord, and instead had to run off of wifi.

Wifi is often finicky, and will more oft than not wave in and out. While you can still run transactions offline, you do not have a way to see if a card was declined or not. Putting yourself as financial risk.

Having an ability to run off the ethernet as well prevents the risk of having to run transactions offline.


Will everyone use an iPad Point-of-Sale system?

Sadly not.

While iPads are becoming a great fit, for some merchants and iPad will not be able to process the work a traditional POS would.

Grocery stores, for example, would not be the best for an iPad POS systems. They often require a studier POS with a table for weighing that’s part of their system.

Liquor stores also, are not the best fit for an iPad. These large volume transactions are best suited for a classic computer POS system.


Does that mean you can’t use them?

No. You could use an iPad POS and it will work.

It just won’t work excellently.

There’s much better POS systems that would excel in a grocery or liquor store, like StoreTender.

As the iPad POS movement continues to grow over the years, new technology may one day see all Point-of-Sale systems adapt a tablet style.


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