How Your Business Can Maximize Summer Sales

Jul 2, 2017 | Restaurant POS, Weekly Articles

Summer is well underway, and for many businesses, this is their peak time of year for sales.

That being said, a lot of businesses aren’t sure of the best way to maximize their summer sales, and end up doing a lot of guesswork.

Don’t worry, your point of sale system can help you capitalize on all the summer sales.

Find what your top selling items are

The best way you can learn what your top selling items are is to track the sales data from your point of sale system. Not only should it track what your highest selling items were from the previous year, but also how much of the product you sold. You can assume you’ll sell more this year, and can appropriately calculate the right amount of product to stock.

Not only can you gain extra money by selling more of your favorite items, but you can also look and see what items did not perform as well. Save yourself the money by not reordering items that didn’t sell as well.

If you have a robust POS system, you can also make sure it’s tracking all your sales correctly and notifying you via alerts when it’s running low and when to reorder more.

Watch your labor costs

It can be challenging to track your labor costs if you are not on site or own multiple locations. That’s why it’s important to have a point of sale system that monitors that data for you!

Foxy’s Bar & Grill wanted a robust point of sale company to work with that could send him notifications via email and text, since their owner Shawn and his wife live overseas 75% of the year.

Despite living abroad, he still has constant updates for when his labor costs are nearing 30%. His Restaurant Manager point of sale system also lets him review their busiest hours and slow times, and work with his General Manager to schedule accordingly.

No matter the size of your business, your point of sale system is the number one money maker your business can invest into to maximize profit.

No matter your size, Restaurant Manager integrates their real-time data with both their traditional POS system and Duet, their iPad system. Your business has the best chance of success when you can use your data to your advantage.

Not sure if your POS system is up to the challenge?

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