Minneapolis MN Restaurant: Why You Should Promote Yourself On Pinterest [Part 1]

July 3, 2016

Since Pinterest first appeared in 2010, it seemed like another fad, a bulletin board for amazing DIY crafts, interior decorating, and yummy homemade chocolate chip cookie recipes.

Now in 2016, Pinterest has not only continued to grow from an idea board for weddings and baking, but into a vital resource for businesses to market their brand, especially restaurants.

Pinterest has continued to grow as a social media platform, with over 10 million users. The greatest feature of Pinterest for small business owners, relies on its ability give you a return-on-investment on the site, without hiring a social media specialist.

Restaurant owners have limited profit margins to drop on a social media expert. Pinterest is a goldmine for marketing,sales generation strategy, and promoting your restaurant.

Thus, it is designed to rely circulated content. Your pins can continually gain attention, rather than you having to constantly generate new photos, videos, and posts everyday. With little training and no outsourcing, small restaurants, bars, or cafes already have the tools to promote engaging content on Pinterest’s platform.

Marketing for restaurants on Pinterest.

Every social media platform uses images, Pinterest’s main appeal is its visual environment. Because of it's visual medium, pictures speak louder than words.

Anyone who visits a page with an image “repinned” from your site, will be able to see it. Your image can show up from a follower of your page to their other pinner friends. Or on people browsing a category of interest.

Pictures of delicious looking food are continually circulated under boards, and repinned on Pinterest boards. Sharing great looking pics on Pinterest can earn restaurants followers and marketing exposure.

Converting Pinterest followers into customers for your restaurant.

By adding a subtle logo to any picture, people will see your brand. And know where the awesome picture came from.

Customers see something, click on the photo, and be taken to your site. From there, that traffic can search your website and explore all the other tasty options on your page. These can transform into actual revenue, and fans of your restaurant.

As you can see, Pinterest has advantages for restaurants looking to promote their business on social media.

Now, you may ask, “How do I actually use Pinterest to generate leads?”

Well, subscribe to our blog, and next time we’ll talk about what steps your restaurant can take to promote content on Pinterest.

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