Point Of Sale System Cost: Why It Shouldn’t Matter

Jun 19, 2020 | Weekly Articles

Point of System Cost / Our 2020 Guide to the Benefits of Today’s Merchant Software

As a business owner, the cost of a point of sale system you’re currently paying may be limited based on what seems affordable. As we move through 2020, there are now more software options than ever.

Coupled with special financing options, you can take advantage of more robust systems that not only have more features but also offer more benefits, changing you from just a basic user into a point of sale expert. In this blog, we’ll take a look at different types of POS software solutions we offer and how they work with your business.

The overall benefits of a BNG POS System

Credit cards are much more popular now and have become the preferred method of payment. Having a POS software system in place is a key way of creating immediate and more frequent sales. Our 2020 merchant systems work with most payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, making it easy for customers to pay in a way that’s best for them, increasing your chance for a sale. Point of sale systems already bring in money, because unlike a traditional cash register, the ability to take credit cards will increase the likelihood a customer will make a purchase. This makes this POS software well worth the price, but it brings other benefits too.

All of our point of sale systems provide instant readings of transactions, letting you know the exact pricing, volume, and quantity of orders, so you can guide your business more efficiently, saving you time and money on the backend. Additionally, you can manage inventory, and maintain live updates from each of your locations anywhere you are, all on one merchant system. By having a live view and immediate response to all facets of your business, you make faster decisions that translate into improved service and more rapid business growth, all at a low cost.

We also offer special financing and pricing options to help you add to your POS systems and make the most of your point of sale system cost, further increasing sales and putting you in control of your finances. Let’s take a closer look at some of these systems.

Mobile payment processing

Our mobile payment processing puts the benefits of POS software in the palm of your hand. It generates merchandise pricing and offers a secure way to accept payment, making it ideal for portable businesses, outside sales teams, and businesses with frequent sales such as restaurants and bars. The easier and faster it is to price orders and take payments, the more time your staff can devote to quality service and the faster your business functions, leading to being able to serve more customers for more frequent sales.

There are mobile payment processing solutions like PayAnywhere, and also some traditional point of sale systems have mobile apps, giving you the power to track sales and inventory when on the go.

Other examples of our mobile point of sale benefits include processing gift and loyalty cards, creating incentives for customers to buy. You can even track inventory, preventing issues early on for improved service that keeps customers coming back. And you have the same ability to track sales results from multiple POS devices through one central merchant account for faster management.

We offer software systems that give different types of businesses the organizational tools they need to do their job well. The faster and easier they work, the more efficient your staff is, and the happier your customers are, increasing their likelihood of coming back. And with a better ability to track every dollar, you improve your business performance.

These 2020 systems have come a long way from traditional payment methods, saving significant time and improving your business performance in ways that more than covers the point of sale system costs.

Table-side ordering

Table-side POS systems help your staff create a fast and convenient dining experience for customers right at the table. It allows patrons to place orders, and pay their bill when ready, all without your wait staff having to take orders or a credit card to the back. This can consist of mobile merchant devices or table-mounted devices that easily guide customers in placing their own orders. Both systems help make ordering faster and much more reliable than traditional methods, resulting in improved customer experience.

Having a merchant system that places orders and collects payment as quickly as possible is extremely valuable for high turnover sales. They make it easy for frequent purchasing that ultimately leads to higher revenue. These fast software systems also reduce the delays and mistakes that come manually ordering into a separate computer while bringing comfort to customers by returning credit cards to them immediately. These systems also turn orders into the kitchen instantly, speeding up food preparation. All of these traits add up to faster speed, increased sales, and greater customer satisfaction. Skytabs POS systems provide several types of table-side ordering devices that can greatly improve customers’ experience but also make your staff’s jobs easier.

Integrations: improving your current POS system

If you have a point of sale system already in place, many of the software providers release updates, making it easier to run your business more efficiently. Many POS merchant software companies also integrate with many of the other tools you use to run your business, including:

  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, from multiple locations and have them sync to your central POS device.
  • Easily price and manage inventory as a merchant, making it easy to update and change out merchandise.
  • Create shopping carts for online ordering that integrate with your current online software.
  • Additional tracking and monitoring software to assure you’re not overstaffing locations.
  • These options make pricing and purchasing simple so that customers buy more often and you reduce the time and labor. It is your ideal source for any bookkeeping needs. Best of all, many POS systems with a payment gateway integrate work directly with your QuickBooks software.

All your financial data is kept in one place for fast, easy, and precise readings of your business transactions, helping you avoid added expense of multiple systems and the added staff time toward tracking payments.

Our POS software is designed to reduce the cost of running your business. Fully updating your current systems while offering fast and easy pricing, purchasing, and tracking for faster and more effective bookkeeping. You save time and enjoy instant results so you stay more profitable. Choose one or all of the services to suit your needs, customizable for you.

We offer the full range of point of sale software services to fit your needs so you achieve your POS expert status and keep your business on track, all at pricing you can afford. How? By making your business much more efficient, so you and your staff provide better service for increased sales while saving you valuable time along the way.

Time, after all, is money. And with our special pricing and financing, managing your overall point of sale system cost is even easier. Whether your needs are large or small, our software will keep you on track to hit your 2020 goals. Ask us for more examples of services we offer to fit your needs.

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