The Benefits Of POS Online Ordering For Restaurants

Dec 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

More restaurants are tapping into the benefits of POS online ordering each year, and by all indications, it will remain a standard restaurant offering. By giving customers the ability to read menus, order online, and receive door-to-door service, online ordering programs’ convenience has boosted demand, with more orders switched to restaurants offering this capability. With more food deliveries from Amazon and other cross-country shippers, becoming more familiar with online ordering for restaurants and taking advantage of its offerings will lead to restaurant owners’ success.

Many point-of-sale payment processors sync with existing POS systems through online ordering platforms on your restaurant’s website or with third-party vendors, such as GrubHub, DoorDash, etc. In many ways, having online ordering capability makes taking orders easier than ever before while improving service, company messaging, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s examine the top benefits of POS online ordering systems and what they can offer your restaurant.

What is an online ordering system?

The basic definition of an online ordering system is software that lets you accept and manage food orders over the internet. There are two main ordering methods: using third-party ordering vendors like GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash, or using your own online system. And linking with online ordering for restaurants is easy. Companies like us at BNG Point-Of-Sale can join existing POS systems with online and third-party platforms.

Though third party and personal online systems may seem similar, some differences can add up to improved performance and profit for you.

Benefits of a restaurant using a POS online ordering system

Research in recent years has shown that 82% of restaurant users order food through a restaurant’s website or app, and 75% of Americans order food deliveries over the internet at least once a week. Online ordering adds up to 11% of all quick-service restaurant sales.

With online ordering for restaurants, user retention has improved – a key answer for ongoing restaurant success. Blended with the frequency of online orders and the fact it doesn’t conflict with table-side ordering, it helps your kitchen receive more orders than it would otherwise, expanding your customer base. All indications point to this trend continuing, making it vital to staying competitive.

This system is all about convenience. In addition to ordering, users can watch their order in real-time and be notified via the app or text when delivery begins and when it arrives. Also, it can:

  • Be used on any portable device, such as tablets or computers.
  • Schedule direct delivery (contactless) or curbside pickup with checkout capability.
  • Let users review menus at their leisure, helping to boost convenience and lead to more orders.
  • Give you more time for customer service. Being friendly and attentive to customers is important to your growth.

What is the best online ordering system?

Though there are distinct advantages to having your own online ordering system, there are numerous third-party vendors out there to choose from, and more will hit the market each year. Here is a look at some of the top third-party systems available today. Many of these should provide a full integration with your current POS platform.

  • Upserve OLO
  • Menufy
  • Open Dining Network
  • Grubhub for Restaurants
  • Chowly
  • Zuppler

Benefits of having a personal online system

Though both third-party vendors and personal systems aid with online ordering for restaurants, third-party ordering services come at a high price. They charge up to 30% for their service. If your business does a lot of online ordering, this can add up. Additionally, some services still rely on phone orders, which can eat up valuable employee time and lead to errors.

There are many other benefits worth considering when you switch to your own online system:

  • Orders from your own system come through faster than with third-party vendors. If you have a heavy flow of orders during peak ordering times, this can significantly affect where your order sits in line.
  • If full or partial refunds are needed after delivery, we offer 24/7 customer support. And if issues arise with an online ordering system, even issues related to online access not related to your account, the same support team can facilitate problem-solving.
  • Restaurant employees are still having to take orders over the phone, taking up valuable staff time. If errors are made, it is the error on your staff’s part, not on the customer, affecting your profit and reputation.
  • When orders are ready for pickup, whether in-store or curbside, immediate notifications are sent to customers via their smartphones to ensure pick up is prompt, freeing up room in the kitchen.
  • Changing menu information is easy when having everything on one primary system. Make your changes or switch out menus on the fly instantly updated across all systems. This can save significant time and confusion versus having to contact each third-party vendor.
  • You can collect user data and combine it with email marketing to send deals that boost customer loyalty.
  • You can collect historical user data to ensure when users put in a request for “the usual,” they get precisely what they want.
  • It lets users schedule orders early with requested completion times. This way, they can avoid busy times of the day and still get their food delivered on time to the end-user.
  • You can better coordinate timing during busy times of the day by not overloading the kitchen with orders. Set longer time ranges for peak hours, ensuring your kitchen isn’t overloaded.
  • You have fewer order issues internally, for which you are to blame. This ensures less liability while still providing a good reputation with your customer.
  • It provides a stress-free, more leisurely way to order for customers, with plenty of pictures to whet their appetite.
  • The program can be customized to fit your branding, appearing as one entity to the end-user.

How do I set up an online order application?

Setting it up is easy when you go through a POS provider. Here at BNG Point-Of-Sale, we offer software integration through existing systems and provide any additional hardware or software you may need to link your current system to an online ordering program. If you need a new POS system, we can help with that too.

The Benefits of one POS source

Having a POS provider like BNG Point-Of-Sale provides full integration with all your restaurant systems and provides other POS support, helping you save time by not working with multiple entities. You get a single source of support for any system needs. You get quick answers and solutions from a company that understands your needs quickly, so you can get back to placing orders and focusing on customer service. You also get personalized 24/7 customer service when issues arise.

Does TouchBistro Have Online Ordering?

This question comes up a lot since TouchBistro is a popular POS provider. It does offer online ordering for restaurants as well; however, TouchBistro is not always the most affordable option for restaurants.


Having your restaurant set up with online ordering is a convenient way to ensure increased sales and remain competitive in today’s restaurant market while improving internal performance. Though there are plenty of quality third-party vendors you can work with, and most likely more will come out each year, the higher fees mean you lose out on essential profits. However, even with their help, being a part of the online world helps grow your customer base and increase retention, all crucial factors for restaurant success.

Let us show you how it can improve your business so you can take advantage of this benefit.

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