The Secret to Managing a Franchise Through One Point-of-Sale System

Aug 6, 2017 | Retail POS, Weekly Articles

Expanding a franchise is always tricky. Jumping from one store to two adds extra work and time into operations and store management.

Nothing can be as stressful as trying to manage all of your products between multiple locations, or worse, keep the promotions and reward programs all through one point-of-sale system.

There can be a real benefit to streamlining your multiple stores’ operations by running everything from one database and point-of-sale system.

The benefits of one system

Reordering can be a pain if you have to get a list for each location and order that way. It will be easier if you receive a single email notification that alerts you when you need to reorder supplies.

Using your inventory control functions in your POS system can shave off 2-5% from your food costs. Inventory control consists of a set of features that allow close monitoring of the raw ingredients used in your restaurant.

When using tools like this, you will be able to closely monitor the difference between estimated and actual consumption your restaurant or bar runs. Keeping your costs low, and your profit margins high.

The other draw to running all of your locations through one point-of-sale system means that all of your stores will be able to track promotions and rewards even from different locations.

Customers hate when they can’t use their gift cards or reward points at any of your locations. It’s frustrating and can lead to missed sales opportunities.

Fortunately, there’s a solution

Power Plate Meals, a multiple location franchise had all of these problems when trying to manage their three stores. Their growing business demanded the ability to easily make updates to their menu items, manage gift cards, and run a rewards program for their loyal customers.

They wanted to run a simple rewards program where members would receive 10% off their meals every time they shopped with them. And they desired top-notch support from their POS vendor, so they could streamline and efficiently run their business.

And they found a solution.

By investing in a Revel point-of-sale system, they were successfully able to track all of their inventory and are working to implement a rewards discount program that works at all their locations.

Managing your franchise doesn’t have to be difficult when the right technology can transform your day-to-day operations.

Learn more about how Power Plate Meals streamlined their franchise by using the right tools for their business.

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