How Does A Point Of Sale System Work? The Ultimate Guide To Using A Point of Sale Systems

Sep 24, 2020 | Weekly Articles

Today’s point-of-sale (POS) systems have changed dramatically and are a far cry from what was available just ten years ago, leaving many businesses to ask how do the newest versions of point-of-sale systems work?  POS systems allow you to process more types of payment in more ways faster than ever before. At the same time, they provide advanced benefits such as backend data and reports to help boost your sales, helping you run your business more effectively. The truth is, point-of-sale systems have come a long way, so here’s a brief overview of all the ways they can help you manage your business.

What is a POS system?

A point-of-sale system is an electronic method of processing payments and housing sales data. It is a cash register, processes credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash, and even Paypal and Venmo funds. It immediately logs payments, so you have instant accounting of your sales.

But unlike traditional cash registers, POS systems have greatly expanded their capabilities, offering a greater range of purchasing methods and in-depth data analytics to boost profits. POS systems have become key ingredients to increasing revenue, providing intelligent guidance, and reducing labor costs, while still being lower cost than traditional systems.

What type of POS systems are there?

Here at BNG, we offer a wide range of point-of-sale capabilities, including:

  • Mobile POS systems: You can use a smartphone or tablet to place orders wherever you are in a store or on the road for immediate sales.
  • EMV POS systems: We offer EMV-compatible technology with touchless or PIN-enabled card processing for greater customer security than traditional swipe technology.
  • Menu customization: Display and edit menus in real-time, keeping customers up to date with new offerings and special deals.
  • Online POS systems: E-commerce capability with online shopping carts integrations.
  • POS split-check capability: Cleaner check separation when groups decide to split the bill, speeding up payment while improving the customer experience.
  • Discount application: Apply discounts immediately to boost sales and add or remove discounts at scheduled times to ensure cleaner accounting.
  • Customer database: Track orders and trends for improved sales and customer service.
  • Remote access to your POS system: View reports, menus, and individual sales performance anywhere you are, any time of day.
  • Cloud-based POS systems: Enjoy faster processing and unlimited data storage while maintaining order capability while offline.
  • Back office reporting: Track best-selling items, timesheets, overtime, and employee performance anywhere you are.
  • Table-side POS systems: Allows waiters or customers to place orders directly at the table, decreasing errors and speeding up order completion through direct-to-kitchen ordering. Your business and customers benefit from faster order turn-around and improved service.
  • Stock tracking: Maintain a live look at your stock for better order management and improved order fulfillment.
  • Organize deliveries: Coordinate deliveries from anywhere anytime, syncing delivery pickups with order completion times.
  • Gift Cards: Boost sales and brand recognition with gift card capability at any dollar amount.
  • Rewards: Keep customers coming back with special deals for multiple purchases.
  • Immediate customer support: Live, 24-7 customers support, 365 days a year to resolve issues promptly for faster profits and improved overall customer care.

Using a point-of-sale system

Today’s advancements make taking payments faster and reading profits easier, but they also are simpler to use. Mobile point-of-sale platforms allow you or your sales teams to take orders where the customers are, ensuring faster purchasing and better customer service. The technology is compact, portable, and intuitive, while providing the same reliability you would expect from an in-store system.

There are also new ways to order. Table-side ordering is being used more often in restaurants, allow a server or the customers themselves to input their orders right at the table, resulting in faster table turnover time. These systems are easy enough for anyone to use, cutting down on errors, and speeding up meals without the need for servers to re-input orders into a separate machine.

All interfaces are designed to make it easy to implement a wide range of benefits, such as gift cards, rewards programs, and menu changes. And by being cloud-based, you can make needed changes immediately and keep track of performance anywhere you are, night or day.

POS systems for your industry

The wide range of offerings makes it easy to handpick the systems you need. Many systems are compatible with your existing systems, so you enjoy the specific benefits you need without investing in an entirely new system. Since each benefit directly aids your business, you can use each system to your advantage and add more systems over time as your business grows, taking your business further. We offer the option of renting or buying these systems, helping you maintain your POS systems budget while reaping the benefits.

Restaurants and bars POS systems

If you are a restaurant or bar, mobile and table-side ordering are potent options to boost sales and improved customer service. Combined with stock tracking and delivery management, you can maintain faster and more frequent sales in and outside the restaurant.

Retail POS systems

If you are a retail store, you can take orders on a tablet anywhere in the store and maintain records of customer orders, providing rewards for increased purchasing and offering gift cards to increase sales and brand awareness. And when overstocked items need to go, you can create instant discounts and timed sales to move them off the floor. If your sales team is falling behind their goals, you see their progress instantly to ensure maximum profitability.

Final thoughts on using point-of-sale systems

Today’s world of POS systems provides a wealth of products and services to make taking payments and running a business easier. And with intuitive interfaces and the ability to add systems to your current payment software, getting started is easy.

We can help you choose the right service for you. Contact us to find out more about the benefits our POS systems offer and let us show you how we can boost your business with today’s advanced POS systems.

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