What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Point-of-Sale System: Retail Edition [part 2]

Oct 16, 2015 | Weekly Articles


Ahh retail, a beast of its own.

Restaurants have their own struggles, but retail shares in heavy losses and the nightmares of cataloging inventory. Retail Point-of-Sale Systems require special pieces of equipment outside the original computer.16

Much like our previous blog, we’ll cover the basic pieces of hardware you should expect with your POS system, retail style.


Computer/Touch Screen

This is fairly obvious, you’ll need a screen that will show what item is being rung up, cost, and other additional programming. We recommend a touch screen, which will require cleaning, but will be easier than having your employees handle a mouse.


Receipt Printer

Another standard piece of equipment, a printer is necessary to have a customer sign for amounts, along with providing you with a store receipt. Since retailers aren’t likely to have broiling kitchens, it’s okay to use a thermal printer and not worry about the paper turning black. Unless you’re somewhere super warm, then we suggest investing in AC.


Cash Drawer

It’s strange to bring this up considering how we mainly talk about credit cards, but a cash drawer is required for customers who wish to pay with cash, or if you offer a cash back option when they pay with card.


Card Swiper

And we’re back to cards! Your business will need a card terminal (and a processor to support card payments). Your terminal will essentially allow credit and debit card payments, it should also connect directly with your POS system so they “talk” to each other. This is usually a separate reader from the actual touch screen


Barcode Scanner

Another item to clutter up your lane! Retail Point-of-Sale system do unfortunately take up a bit of space; due to all their extra equipment. Although the cord on your bar code scanner may be inconvenient, you’ll need this little gem to scan products for at the register, but also for inventory tracking purposes.


POS Software

Also a feature that should be included with your system (but always ask). The software is what will help you with tracking inventory, but also perform the basic procedures. Specialized software will be designed to complement the rest of your retail hardware.

As stated in our restaurant blog, we don’t recommend you go out and try to buy all the pieces separately and assemble them yourself. It has too many chances of failing.

Make sure you do not go out and try to assemble these from separate parts.

Don’t let a relative, specifically your Uncle Earl, do it either.

Bundle your equipment together instead of purchasing them all online separately, guaranteeing all the pieces function together.


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