Why A Mesh Wifi Network Is A Good Solution For A Retail Store Or A Restaurant

May 13, 2018

Mesh wifi networks are new, but they have quickly become a fantastic option for a restaurant or small retail business. They make it incredibly easy for your staff to keep connected to your wifi, as they move around the sales floor.

If you’re not sure about the difference between a mesh wifi network and a non-mesh network solution, don’t worry. We’re going to highlight the benefits of mesh networks for a restaurant or retail business.

Easy access point transition

The biggest benefit a mesh wifi network can offer your business is that it prevents disconnecting between your multiple access points.

A common problem for a restaurant or bar without a mesh network is when you have an access point inside and outside, such as one inside your business and one on your patio. Without a mesh network, a waiter could carry a tablet outside to take an order, the device would either not disconnect from the one inside (causing it to lag), or it would not connect to the outside access point without the waiter manually logging into the access point outside.

This means your staff has to type in a password into the device to connect to the new network. If they forget the password, that adds more time for them to take an order or let your customers pay their bill. It also means they will have to reconnect manually to the inside network.

A mesh network eliminates this problem. You can have an access point between your kitchen, tables, or patio and have all your devices immediately connect to the access point with the strongest signal.

Load balancing

If you get packed on a Friday night and have all your customers using SnapChat and Instagram at your location that’s great for your brand, but bad for your network.

When you have hundreds of devices connecting to one access point, the speed gets bogged down, and your guests might be hogging all your bandwidth from your work devices, making the ordering process much slower and laggy.

Having a mesh wifi network means you simply have to plug in another access point across the room, and now half your guests will be connected to that access point instead of all being on one.
This prevents your business from suffering from an overload of everyone connected to one access point that’s connected to your point-of-sale system.

Buy or rent?

Having an enterprise mesh network can be a little expensive to pay for all at once. However, if you’re interested in renting a mesh wifi network, you can rent one or more access points from us and save yourself some money.

You can easily add another and simply turn it on whenever you need more access points either to manage some of your traffic or to extend your connection throughout your business.

If you’re interested in renting a mesh network from us, contact us and see how you can improve your internal network at a low monthly cost.

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