Why We Don’t Sell Cash Registers Anymore

Jan 27, 2016 | Weekly Articles

Ah the cash register, considered a staple sight of every retail store across America.

The satisfying ring of the machine as it opens, and the fun of pressing those buttons to tally up a sale.

Unfortunately, it’s not the 1900’s anymore, and cash registers are a remnant of the olden days.

We do not sell cash registers anymore, and we also don’t wear top hats and handlebar mustaches (although we wish we did).

Cash registers by themselves are slowly going the way of the halfpenny and the carriage.

We’re not saying they’re completely gone

Cash registers do technically still exist in the world of merchants, however, they will always be attached to a point-of-sale system, and never sold by a professional technology company.

Those who do sell them are most likely trying to make a quick buck, and don’t care about selling you a quality product that’s going to boost your business’ success-either word works.

Cash registers serve an incredibly small purpose, and that’s to store payments made by customers in cash. That’s all they do.

While there will be a few people who pay with cash, how many more are going to pay with a card?

They are singular devices

A cash register has very little to offer a merchant compared to a full point-of-sale system (or even an iPad POS).

Cash registers by themselves cannot track, manage your inventory, or give you real time tracking of what you have in your store or restaurant.

Sure, POS systems are costly

Cash registers are cheap, much like an old laptop you can buy off of craigslist.

But cheap does not always equal the best bang for your buck.

Point of sales are a return on investment for your business. Their reporting features and tracking software help you catch theft along with your supplies.

The most useful thing a cash register can do is collect money and dust, and if you really want to keep that old-timey feel, play some vintage hits and give your business a Victorian vibe, instead of sacrificing your equipment to the good old days.

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