Why Is Wifi Security Important For Restaurants?

Feb 11, 2018 | Weekly Articles

Is the wifi at your business open to the public?

Offering complimentary wifi to your guests is all fine and well, but if you’re not segmenting your networks, you can put your business and your customers’ credit card information at risk. It’s pretty easy for someone to go in through your public wifi and steal all of your customers’ credit card information.

Now, not everyone would be able to do this, but anyone with technical knowledge like a criminal will easily be able to steal credit card numbers used in your POS system by installing a keylogger.

Anything on a guest network can be seen by anyone else. Someone can sit in your parking lot, log into your public wifi and have access to your private office computer and so on. They can do whatever they want to, so protect yourself and your customer data by locking up your wifi.

How can you protect your restaurant’s wifi?

You don’t want your public wifi to be shared with your accounting, point-of-sale, or business computer, so you need to separate your networks to keep things that only should be seen by employees private.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a router from Amazon or Walmart that has a guest wifi option. These routers are traditionally meant for a home setting and not a business, as a business router will be able to put a firewall up to protect your private network.

A router meant for the home will only hide a network from your guest wifi, and not protect it. Your average customer won’t see your internal network, but again, anyone who knows computers can easily map to those hidden computers no problem.

You need a router that will put a firewall between your two networks to block traffic from the guest wifi network. That is the only way you can protect your business from a data breach.

You cannot afford to have fraud happen to your business; its effects can cause you to lose trust from customers and go out of business. Having a secured network is not expensive and makes your business look better to customers.

They know if they are paying via card their data is protected by a secure firewall meant to protect a consumer business.

If you want to have a secure network, contact us, and we’ll help you make sure your wifi is excellent for customers to use as well as protecting your private internal network.

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