Biff’s Sports Bar and Grill

Twin Cities Restaurants Find Success Managing Multiple Locations Through One POS System

Biff's Sports Bar - BNG POS - Fargo, ND

About Biff’s Sports Bar and Grill, Heartbreakers, and Carbone’s Pizzeria

Biff’s Sports Bar and Grill, Heartbreakers, and Carbone’s Pizzeria are three Twin Cities restaurants and bars owned by the same company. Biff’s, Heartbreakers, and Carbone’s are run by General Manager, Gary Gruber. Biff’s, Heartbreakers, and Carbone’s serve traditional American foods, pizza, as well as a full bar menu of drinks.

Before using BNG Point-of-Sale

Prior to BNG Point-Of-Sale, the staff at Biff’s Sports Bar and Grill and Heartbreakers had been using another point-of-sale (POS) solution. General Manager, Gary Gruber had several key issues with their previous POS provider.

  • The wait staff, kitchen staff, and restaurant employees struggled with an outdated POS system.
  • Updates became an issue because of outdated POS hardware and software.
  • The service from their POS provider was lacking, which was negatively impacting their business.

Because of the hassle with their POS provider, Gary and his team began considering moving to Restaurant Managers POS solution. Gary remembered the positive experiences he once had with Restaurant Manager, and the staff at Biff’s, Heartbreakers and Carbone’s, was focused on finding a POS provider to support their restaurants and bars. Gary and his multiple restaurants ultimately chose BNG Point-Of-Sale.

Their results with BNG Point-of-Sale

Once the expectations were set, the wait staff at Biff’s Sports Bar and Grill began to love the new POS system, provided by BNG Point-Of-Sale. A few aspects of the POS solution that Gary and his restaurants brag about are:

  • The support his businesses receive from BNG Point-Of-Sale.
  • The automatic software updates they get from BNG Point-Of-Sale and Restaurant Manager that are included in their service package.
  • The patient customer service that Gary and his team receive, as they hate talking to techy-types that talk over their heads. Gary and his staff appreciate the user-friendly nature of the POS system and support.

Biff’s, Heartbreakers, and Carbone’s have made the transition to BNG Point-Of-Sale and Restaurant Manager and are now working to make all five locations fully implemented with their POS solutions.

“I love how everything is more streamlined, and I love how great at recording data Restaurant Manager is. I run and manage five bars and restaurants and I can now get my reports every morning online. I don’t have to be at every location, to see what’s going on, and I can remote in and change things like menu pricing” said Gary Gruber, General Manager.

With BNG Point-Of-Sale, Gary and his staff can easily track sales, discounts, voids, pay-outs, punch in and punch out by staff. Their new POS system makes it easy to see if there’s theft, and it helps Gary manage his businesses without stopping into every location every day.

Why they would recommend BNG Point-of-Sale

“I look at sales, transaction reports, login and logout reports, and discount reports. I can look at that with each location, and get a good handle on coupons on everything without stepping into the store. The service and product are amazing.”

Gary Gruber

General Manager

Sound familiar?

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