The Cactus

The Cactus Increases Their Upsells By $2000 With Their Point-of-Sale System

The Cactus

About The Cactus

The Cactus is a versatile complex offering; fine dining, bowling, convention space and catering in Perham, MN. It has three different dining rooms, three bars, a full restaurant, and does off-site catering for a variety of events. They have a large staff and are a prime destination for a wide array of occasions.

Why The Cactus Needed a Point-of-Sale System

The Cactus had been using a Restaurant Manager point-of-sale system through another provider for the last several years and wanted to switch.

The previous Restaurant Manager provider who supported their business didn’t have great support, and the owner of The Cactus, Blake Minge, had to troubleshoot everything himself.

If their system went down, it was up to Blake to fix the problem himself. When the reseller of their point-of-sale system was bought out by BNG Point-of-Sale, Blake was anxious his new provider was going to be exactly like the old support provider.

Blake wanted a point-of-sale system provider to not only troubleshoot his system but offer value and make his business run smoothly.

How BNG Point-of-Sale Impacted Their Business

The Cactus is now fully supported and is happy BNG Point-of-Sale bought out their old provider. They are still using Restaurant Manager, but now Blake no longer supports it, and he can focus on using all the POS systems features to improve his operations.

Tracking and inventory have prevented The Cactus from losing money from free drinks and food items. Every item is wrung up, and Blake can assure they haven’t missed a thousand of dollars from free giveaways.

One of the best features Blake and his staff love is the prompts that Restaurant Manager gives for upsells.

The Cactus now has implemented a rewards program to track how many upsells an employee gets for the month. With Restaurant Manager’s prompts and tracking, they have increased their sales by $2,000 monthly through upsell prompts.

Why they would recommend BNG Point-of-Sale

“The support staff BNG Point-of-Sale has in place is second to none. We use the reporting a lot to help identify menu items that we should or shouldn’t have, run contests, essentially, we have better insight into every item our business sells.”

Blake Minge

Owner, The Cactus

Sound familiar?

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