Restaurant Manager Duet

Tablet and Cloud Point-of-Sale Solution

Looking for a tablet-based point-of-sale system that’s not meant for retail?

Do you wish there was a point-of-sale system that could run on a cloud or a local server, and still have the classic benefits of a traditional restaurant point-of-sale system?

We now offer Restaurant Manager’s newest POS solution, Duet.

Duet has the best of both worlds when it comes to benefits for your business.

duet enclosure - Restaurant Manager - BNG POS - Fargo ND

Restaurant Manager Duet is great for:

  • Coffee shops
  • Food trucks
  • Restaurants and bars with multiple POS stations
  • Placing and sending orders to the kitchen, even when your Internet is down
  • Processing payments when your Internet is down

Duet Menu BNG POS - Fargo, ND

Duet’s benefits for your business:

  • Subscription-based POS solution: Gives you top-of-the-line technology at an affordable price.
  • Minimal equipment requirements: Runs on tablets
  • Reliable cloud technology: Cloud storage eliminates need for a local server. No internet? No problem. Install a server on site
  • Green choice: You can remove paper from the equation with digital order display and email receipts.
  • Top-level security protection: Designed to protect your business and your customer’s private information.

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