How to Prevent Your Point-of-Sale System from Ruining Your Day Part 2

How to Prevent Your Point-of-Sale System from Ruining Your Day Part 2 - BNG Point-of-Sale - Fargo ND

How to Prevent Your Point-of-Sale System from Ruining Your Day Part 2

Since technology is finding ways to torture us by misfiring, we felt it was needed to have another installment.

As the sister blog discusses, many problems can be solved without calling your service provider, and it’s a wise idea to troubleshoot all the common problems before you call support.

So, diving back into the world of malfunctioning POS systems, here are 5 more ways your point-of-sale might be failing you.


1). When the POS system is erroring

This could mean the printer is out of paper and just needs to be refilled. Reloading the ribbon ink cartridge is important to check before calling IT, if it’s run out replace the ink cartridge and it should work.


2). My Point-of-Sale software isn’t working

We have a personal story for this one. One of our employee’s father’s smart phone kept running slowly.

So he spent weeks with a slow phone until asked about how many browsers he had open. Our infamous dad looked puzzled, as if someone had spoken a foreign language, we proceeded to find he had 20 browser windows open!


(credit: the IT crowd)

Just like computer software, POS systems can error if too many programs are running. Check to see how many programs are open, and close unnecessary items.


3). My POS keeps shutting down

We all tend to have bad habits with technology, leaving our computers on constantly (I admit guilt to this as well).

Unlike some computers, POS systems need to be restarted, and some systems come automatically programmed to restart at certain times.

There should be a feature in your program to control this. Try resetting the number to zero, and it should prevent random shut downs. Please do restart your system often, since it needs a chance to refresh.

We’d even suggest restarting it after closing your business for the day (unless you want to do it during peak hours, it’s your call).


4). My Point-of-Sale accuracy is off, despite being new

Ah dirt, you old fiend! Just like it’s encouraged for humans to bathe regularly, POS terminal screens need to be  cleaned in order to run smoothly.

Make sure you clean your POS terminal screen every day with the right equipment (no that towel covered in grease is not considered to be the right equipment).


5). The power button isn’t responding at all

Oh, this one is tons of fun.

It’s possible you may have blown a fuse, which can be common if your outlets aren’t wired to handle the kind of power a POS system needs.

Check the outlet to see if any other outlets work by looking for the system lights to glow.

If the outlet is in fact dead, resetting it by pushing the button on and off may solve the issue (if you’re lucky). If that doesn’t work, the more complicated step of flipping the circuit breaker may be needed.

These issues will more often than not be solved through these hacks, but at the end of the day if none of these areas working, you will have to call your system provider.
Remember, IT guys can be your best friends, but you can ultimately avoid many of these issues with some simple solutions.


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