Restaurant Manager: Your Restaurant’s Flexible Point-of-Sale Solution

Built by and for restaurant owners, Restaurant Manager provides a flexible and customized POS solution meant to become whatever your business needs, today or in the future.

Scalable Technology

A scalable point-of-sale system that grows with you.

Intuitive System

Train your staff quickly with our easy-to-learn system.

World-Class Support

Fargo-based support team with 24/7 packages.

Serve your customers while we serve you

Running a restaurant comes with a lot of challenges. From high turnover to tight margins, you need your business to run efficiently to see profits. However, managing every area of your business is exhausting; trying to monitor for theft, train new staff, all while managing your menu, it’s too much.

We get it, that’s why Restaurant Manager is designed to help solve the biggest challenges that prevent your restaurant from running smoothly.

Features of Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager incorporates the key ingredients needed to run a restaurant or bar in one powerful point-of-sale solution. Manage online ordering, quick service, EMV payments, and more. On top of a great system, our team offers 24/7 in-house support, so even during rush hour and late nights, you’re never alone.

Table Side Order Placement

Give customers the ability to order directly from the table and reduce your staff’s time running from table to station.

Manage Reservations

The Hostess Module makes it easy to reserve tables, ensuring guests have the best experience possible while managing the front-of-house.

Table Management

Accurately manage projected wait times and organize overall seating with Restaurant Manager’s Wait List.

Management Reporting

Track key performance metrics like voided transactions, staff productivity, best sellers, and more from easily generated reports.

Automate Your Specials

Ring up your best sellers at lighting speed by setting up custom food modifiers to decrease the amount of button-pushing.

Integrate Online Ordering

Directly integrate to customers’ favorite online ordering apps to expand your reach and customer base.

Technology by-and-for
restaurant owners

Unlike other point-of-sale systems, Restaurant Manager is a customizable solution that is easy to add to as you grow. It’s a feature-rich, intuitive solution that includes integrated reservations, loyalty programs, and online ordering. Whether you’re a single location today or multiple locations next year, you can easily add more stations, software integrations, and even manage your revenue from a centralized location.

Don’t believe us? Hear from our customers

Every restaurant has its unique challenges, but each one of these restaurants and bars found solutions to their biggest challenges. Listen to their stories.

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Hands-on Demo

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Accept Your Quote

Post demo, you’ll receive your custom quote. Once you accept the quote, we’ll facilitate getting your system programmed, team trained, and hardware set up.

Start your journey towards success

Your journey toward success begins here. Contact our team for a free discovery call and see how Restaurant Manager can transform your restaurant.

We’ll learn about you, your business, and top concerns. From there, we’ll select a system that’s the right fit for your business and budget.

Our team will facilitate a time for you to test out the perfect point-of-sale software to fit the needs of your business.

Post demo, you will receive a quote. Once you accept your quote we’ll facilitate getting your system programmed, team trained, and hardware set up.