Vend Point-Of-Sale

Vend makes running your retail business simple. With features like e-commerce integrations, real time sales reporting, and loyalty programs, you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition.

Vend POS Key Features

Looking for an intuitive and affordable point-of-sale system? Vend makes it easy to train your staff and manage your inventory, whether you have one location or more. Create unlimited skews to manage your inventory and scan products directly from your phone.

Cloud-Based POS Solutions
Real-Time Reporting
Online Store Integrations
BNG Point-Of-Sale - Restaurant Manager - Duet POS System

Vend POS Also Has These Benefits

Decrease Operating Costs

With customizable reporting, you’ll have access to real-time data to find the areas hurting your profitability.

Non-profit Discounts

If you are a non-profit, take advantage of Vend’s special pricing.

Attract & Grow Customer Loyalty

It is easy to turn customers into raving fans with gift cards and loyalty programs by offering special promotions and rewards.

Layaway And On Account-Sales

Give customers the power to buy now and pay later with partial payment plans or offer special purchases-on accounts.

Restaurant Manager Duet POS - BNG Point-of-Sale - Fargo ND

What Can Vend POS Do?

Web-Based & Offline Functionality: Compatible with Mac, PC, or iPad, you can keep ringing up sales when the internet goes down; Vend will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.
User-friendly & Easy Training: Get new staff on the floor fast with easy-to-use retail software. Vend makes it easy to look up purchases and manager inventory even for non-tech people.
Brick-&-Mortar & E-Commerce: Integrates directly with your favorite e-commerce platforms like to grow your business through online shopping.
Easy Inventory Management: Manage one central product catalog and sync products across all your locations and stores, ensuring your inventory is correct without all the additional data entry.

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