Restaurant Point-of-Sale

Point-of-Sale Solutions for Table Service Restaurants

We provide Restaurant Manager software as a fully customizable restaurant point-of-sale solution for your table service restaurant.

Restaurant Manager supported by BNG Point-of-Sale gives you the tools you need to manage your restaurant, and serve you table service guests.

Restaurant Manager is a comprehensive software that gives you the tools to ensure the highest quality customer service, while reducing costs and increasing profits. Ideal for fine or casual, we provide a POS solution to meet your needs.

Restaurant - Restaurant Manager POS - Point-of-Sale - Fargo ND
Here are some benefits of Restaurant Manager's POS solution

  • Restaurant Manager’s table service POS helps to decrease costs.
  • Restaurant Manager’s table service POS system will improve efficiencies and increase revenue.  
  • Servers can turn tables faster and decrease wait times with easy check and item splitting.
  • Maximize your revenue by adding custom up-selling opportunities to keep your servers on the right track

With Restaurant Manager, you can also do the following:

  • Table side order placement: Servers place orders quicker and turn tables with lightening speed.
  • Table management: Accurately manage wait time estimates and arrange seating.
  • Management reporting: Track all of the information on voided items, productivity, and which items are selling the best.
  • Inventory control: Eliminate theft and waste with powerful and robust inventory tracking as part of your point-of-sale solution.
  • Split check: Streamlined split check makes it easy to accommodate the customer’s preferred method to split the bill.
  • Back office reporting: Robust reporting helps you make better business decisions as a leader and forecast future items sales. The Product Mix report to show you which items are the most popular/profitable.

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